after swimming ,standing in front of the mirror I was fix up my hair and saw a father was combing the daughter’s hair.

The girl is about 3 or 4 years old with big eyes pretty face. the father is in his late 30’s .has her hair wet with the plait tightly done still on, the father slowly dry her hair with the hair dryer while he gently hold her hair.

I was intended step up to say something but just heard the conversation in between the father and daughter : ‘ daddy , hot too hot ‘

‘oh sorry, one more minute , almost there. sorry it’s took long time to dry.’

‘that’s alright daddy,you’re doing very well.’

‘did you enjoy the swimming today ? ‘

‘yes, I did’

‘was that always taken such long time to dry your hair with mummy ?’

‘……  yes, she ‘s just only one minute quicker than you….’